Smartcom designs and develops wireless communications software for all major Mobile and PC Platforms for Mobile Operators and device OEMs.

Our solutions for Wifi-Offloading, Data Tracker, Mobile Hotspot Manager, and Reporting/ Diagnostic & Advertising are available for PC, MAC, Android, Windows 8/Phone and iOS platforms.

Smart Offloading & Authentication

Smart 3G/LTE Wi-Fi offloading, WISPR & EAP SIM authentications with Wi-Fi Hotspot Location Finder and LBS

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Mobile Data Tracker, Plan Upgrade & Top Up

Real time Data Usage tracking, operator back-end integration, plan upgrade & Top Up, on device policy management

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Mobile Hotspot Manager

Create & manage Mobile Hotspots for USB dongles, tablets and Smartphones - Track/block/manage all connected device usage & entitlement

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Reporting, Diagnostics, Advertising

Compiled user stats, analytics with error codes. Auto diagnostic, repair and help desk support tool. Notification & Ads push to any device

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Windows 8 MBAE Operator Solutions

Design and development of full feature Win 8 MBAE & Win Phone 8 Operator Apps for Tablets & Smartphones

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